The -ants and -ents of event sustainability


Not even a lazy weekend matinee or reading a book is free from work metaphors these days. Thank you Veronica Roth and Divergent for the latest installment of “seeing event sustainability everywhere”.

DIVERGENT: You realize you’re an event experience creator who also wants to be environmentally and socially responsible, but you want to keep it quiet lest others shoot down your ideas as tree-hugging, face-to-face event threatening, quality-lowering, going-to-cost more abnormalities.

INSURGENT: You decide you’re going to do what you can to rebel against the event norm and just start implementing more sustainable practices on your own, regardless of management support. They’ll come around eventually. Or maybe decide to take you off the project.

ALLEGIANT: You realize that to be more effective at change you need to partner with the unique factions involved in your event to find innovative, shared-value event sustainability solutions that also earn rave reviews from participants.

So there you have it, Paul Hawken and Andrew Winston. Turns out all I need to know about promoting more sustainable approaches in my industry I learned from….the lastest teen book/film craze? Who knew!

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