Colleague Climate Coffee Chats Become an E-Book!

Working as an environmental educator and consultant, I’m constantly learning about climate change, and helping answer questions about the topic.

In doing so, I’m finding one question is being asked more and more frequently: “Can we stop climate change?”

In truth, at times I feel pretty bleak about our prospects. I read the barrage of news about climate change. I struggle with the high-impact systems we live and work in. And while people do ask questions, I don’t always find we have the time or courage to talk about the more difficult aspects of the issue that we might struggle with or be uncertain about.

I was at a particularly low point when Paul Cook, a colleague of mine, started asking questions.

Now, I’ve known Paul for several years and we have a shared interest in producing virtual and hybrid events. But until recently he’s not someone I’ve really “talked climate” with.

Paul’s unexpected curiosity about deeper aspects of the issue we’d never discussed was exactly what I needed when I needed it: someone to talk to about it! Reminding me people do care and want to discuss solutions.

His interest and intention were a balm to my bleak outlook, restoring hope and giving me faith that we do have a good shot. But only if we start to connect, and talk about how it impacts us, what we know and don’t know, and support each other in the journey.

As a legacy of our climate chats during the pandemic, we’ve written down questions we explored in hopes it might provide you with background on the topic and give you confidence to start your own conversations. Read and download our Climate Change and Net Zero FAQs for Busy People here.

And do drop us a comment to let us know how you find it, along with other questions you might have! We’d love to hear about the conversations you’re having and how you’re progressing in your own climate action journey.

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