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Story. It’s what’s for Dinner.

Have you ever had cilantro honey before? I haven’t, but judging by the popularity of the herb-gone-to-flower with these bees at my CSA (community-supported agriculture) I’m thinking I want to find out. Like a good local, sustainable food geek I get a little excited every week when I get to pick up my CSA box. It’s like the start of a culinary adventure every seven days, trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my new and strange produce. Getting to the end of the week having used or preserved everything in the box leaves me feeling like I’ve won a Chopped championship. This week Close to Home Organics, my CSA provider, started tweeting Vine posts taken on their farm. The posting of these mini-movies has added a whole new layer to my foodie experience. Not only can I see the place that grows my food, now I can actually watch it growing. And see the process of planting and harvesting as it happens. In motion. More alive. Is it a substitute for a trip to the farm? Well, no. Of course not. But through a few seconds of video, the experience of my CSA has been elevated, and made richer through an added layer of movement, and story.

Given my giddiness over something so seemingly simple, imagine my joy to come across another treasure this week: a new video from Nice and Serious. The short film taps into the same idea as my CSA-Vines, but takes it to a whole new level that is very relevant to event planners and caterers interested in enhancing their events.  The video shares the creative and inspiring story behind the menu for the Responsible Business Awards 2013 Gala Dinner. It elevates the somewhat stale and static menu card to a dynamic story about the people who grow and prepare our food, enhancing the experience event organisers seek to create. Proving that the food, as well as the experience, is richer and tastier when served with a side of story.

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