Food & Beverage Waste Management

Short Film Friday: Imperfectly Delicious Event Food

Imperfectly delicious produce is a great way to reduce food waste at events, and save money.

As good, but 30% cheaper. Who doesn’t like a deal like that?

When the French supermarket Intermarché launched their Inglorious Fruit and Vegetables campaign recently many of my Twitter and Facebook friends said: “Why isn’t every grocery store doing this?”

Offering failed lemons, imperfect onions, knobbly carrots and misshapen mangoes at a discounted price because a specimen might be a little cosmetically challenged?

My question: Why isn’t every event caterer doing this, too?

So we asked, and learned a catering partner we regularly use has just started to work with one of their distributors to source “Imperfectly Delicious” Produce, a new product offering created in response to conscientious caterers wanting to reduce food waste, and save a bit of money. Not only that, but they are attempting to use as much as they can for an upcoming event we’re involved with this fall! We’re unsure how much will be able to be used, given you can’t predict if a beet might be beautiful or bulbous until it’s ready for picking. But we’re planning to measure how much ugly duckling produce we can rescue to fill the bellies of hungry event attendees with an appetite for reducing food waste!

Chime in if you’ve created a cool experience using imperfectly delicious food at your event. And stay tuned for how we do!

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  1. What a great move by the caterers to jump on this trend, and hopefully it sticks indefinitely too. The Inglorious Fruit and Vegetables campaign by Intermarche and their agency Marcel was genius. A great example of the potential lying at the intersection of marketing and sustainability.

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