The Ultimate Online Guide to Sustainable Event Tools

Need help with your sustainable event plan? Odds are there’s an app for that. Or an online tool. Or maybe even a book to read.

Don’t have the time to research and wade through the many tools out there? Let me Google that for you!

Get Event Sustainability Standards, Checklists and Guides

Learn About Event Sustainability Issues

Find Event Sustainability Stuff You Need

  • Carpet recovery providers (searchable database)
  • Energy efficient lights (free app)
  • Event sustainability service providers (SEA and GMIC directories)
  • Food banks for your left-over food in Canada or the USA
  • Hotels with environmental practices by Green Globe, Green Key and Green Hotels Global
  • Food from local growers in your event location (free database)
  • Food from retail that is local, in-season food at your destination (free app)
  • Food that is vegetarian and vegan restaurants in your destination (app)
  • Recycling providers anywhere in the USA (searchable database)
  • Transit information (general) for your destination (free apps)
  • Transit information for major US destinations (apps)
  • Transportation providers with environmental programs (free database)

Create Event Sustainability Things Now

  • Event sustainability policy (free outline)
  • Global Reporting Initiative Event Organizer Sector Supplement Template (free outline)
  • Waste management plan (web-based tool)

Evaluate Best Event Sustainability Choices

  • Destinations with the lowest carbon impact from air travel (free web calculator)
  • Sustainable seafood choices (free app (USA)/web list (Canada))
  • Vegan options at popular chain restaurants (app)

Measure Impacts of Event Sustainability Choices

  • Energy efficient lighting cost savings and environmental benefits (free app)
  • Carbon impact of your conference (basic free web calculator)
  • Carbon impact of your travel choices (app).
  • Carbon impact of waste management (free web calculator)
  • Carpet recovery impacts (free web calculator)

Communicate your Event Sustainability Story with Fun Facts About…

Take a Deeper Dive with Experts and Tools

Grab a book and join the event sustainability book club:

Or take a deeper dive into these more comprehensive paid event sustainability tools:

Have a resource that is missing from this list? Let me know!

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